Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church



You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit from on high,
and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the world.

Even while we are away from the ones we care about, it could be said that we are present to them through the unique and powerful gift of love.  Love is a presence that exists beyond the confines of space and time.  When Jesus ascended to the Father he promised to give us the gift of this abiding love to his disciples through all time.  This love that he gives to his disciples is the gift of the Holy Spirit.
When we encounter love we are able to accomplish incredible things.  However, love also challenges us to do the right thing.  This means that we need certain gifts that will allow us to do the right things.  These are the gifts of the Holy Spirit; Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Right Judgment, Courage, Wonder and Awe, and Reverence.  We are delighted that you would consider welcoming these sacramental gifts into your life.


What you Can Expect from us?

As with any other Sacrament you can expect that you will be greeted and encouraged in your desire to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation.  Along with your family and school community (if you attend at Catholic School) we pledge to assist you in your preparation for the reception of these gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What do we Expect from you?

In order to receive the gift of the sacrament, the presumption made is that you would want to prepare yourself to receive this sacrament.  Therefore we would expect that you would participate in the life of the parish community.  This would include the preparation evenings along with the weekly celebration of the Sunday liturgy.  It is our hope that you would participate to the best of your ability.