Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church

Extraordinary Minister of Communion


...This is my body, which will be given for you;
do this in memory of me...

- Luke 22.19

Thank you for considering a call to this ministry.  We truly believe that God calls us in various ways and it is important to discern our particular path of service within our Christian community.
For each sacrament, the church has designated ordinary or usual ministers.  Eucharistic Ministers have a variety of names: auxiliary, extraordinary or Eucharistic Ministers. Technically, the Eucharistic minister is the "acolyte”; the one who serves at the altar, preparing the altar table and the vessels and who gives communion to the faithful.  The roots of their ministry are in the fact that they are Christian men and women.  Baptism is our title to our ministry.  By baptism and confirmation all Christians share in the priesthood of Christ and have the potential for taking significant responsibility for the public worship of our community.  Eucharistic ministry is not given as a reward in recognition of ones past contribution or because someone is better than another, rather, Eucharistic ministers are called from the community as its representative.  He/she is to be what they are.   All are called to be the presence of Christ.

What do we expect from you?

  • A three year term and have their name submitted to the Bishop.
  • Expect to be a Minister of the Eucharist for at least one liturgy per month.
  • Attend one training session each year.
  • If not already involved in another ministry within the parish will be expected to complete appropriate volunteer registration forms. (Called, Gifted and Sent)
  • A classic principle of spirituality teaches us that no person can give what he or she does not have.  A minister who lacks faith can't offer a dynamic faith to others.  The one who does not know Christ cannot lead others to know the Lord.  Faith in the real Eucharistic presence is the most critical quality for a minister of communion (and the whole assembly). 

What can you expect being a Eucharistic Minister?

  • As a Eucharistic Minister you can expect to receive the appropriate training to carry out the duty as a minister. 

Many times when people are approached and asked to be a part of this ministry often the response is one of unworthiness.  Indeed this feeling though real is matched with the call by Christ, though unworthy to carry his good news to the ends of the world.