Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church



Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the scriptures:
The stone that the builders rejected has become the
cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is amazing
in our eyes"?

-  Matthew 24

In the marriage ritual there is a formal greeting by which the minister of the church greets the couple at the doors of the church and says, “the Church welcomes you today to this building, a sign of Christ’s presence in the midst of the community”.
We recognize as Catholics that our places of worship are holy inasmuch as they are an external representation of who we are as a believing community.  In other words, our churches are designed, adorned and decorated to give expression to the temple of the Holy Spirit, that is our lives.
Some things you will note about Most Precious Blood Church are its simplicity in design and architecture.  Following the tradition of the Roman Liturgy, Most Precious Blood Church expresses itself in noble simplicity.
Before one enters the Church proper, they would necessarily have to make their way through the narthex (or meeting place) just outside the main doors of the Church.  People gather from all directions and meet at this intersection of faith respecting that from all walks of life, we enter the Church as one people of Christ.
Entering the Church, immediately one’s attention is drawn to the sanctuary and the altar, the central focal point of any Catholic Eucharistic celebration.  It is at the altar of sacrifice that we bring the gifts of our lives and offer them to God.  Another interesting feature of Most Precious Blood Church is that the seating of the Assembly is in fan shape rather than theatre seating.  This is quite deliberate for two reasons.  Practically speaking, it allows for many people to be close to the sanctuary but more importantly we see one another as belonging to the body of Christ.
The purpose of our liturgical environment is to enable the faithful to encounter the person of Christ in the four ways that he makes himself present in any Eucharistic Liturgy.  Christ is made present in the Assembly of believers, in the ministry of the Presider, in the Proclamation of the Word, and of course in the actual celebration of the Eucharist.
Throughout the various seasons of the Liturgical Year we take a prayerful effort in ensuring that our decorations enhance our celebrations.  Our decorating, especially for the seasons of Easter and Christmas are kept intentionally simple.
We are proud of our Parish Church.